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When should you replace the battery of your smartphone – mobile phone?




In this article we will try to give guidelines to understand if the battery of our phone has reached the end of its life and therefore if it is the case to replace it.

THE PHONE HAS STRANGE BUFFLES. We are sorry to give you this 2 bad news, your phone is not pregnant and therefore will not be producing mini smartphones in the short term and above all this symptom is a clear warning sign that the battery contained inside it has swollen to such an extent as to be able to bend structural parts of the phone. If this happens, on the iPhone we have the classic folding of the display, which if lucky does not cause any breakage of the same, but often if the battery is not replaced in a short time it also leads to breakage of it. On other devices such as Samsung, Huawei, etc. if the battery starts to swell, the display is much more likely to break than on the iPhone as these devices are glued and do not leave much movement to the structure of the phone, causing the display to collapse outwards. The swelling of the battery is the worst situation we could have to deal with, if not replaced it could even lead to the explosion, the leakage of toxic gases and harmful to health and even cause serious fires. Be very careful and if you notice swelling, take precautions immediately, bring us your phone for repair and recharge it as little as possible.

I HAVE TO KEEP THE PHONE ALWAYS ON CHARGE. It happens that many people find themselves having to go around with power banks or are always looking for a charging outlet. Well, the first thing to do in this case is to check the health of your mobile phone’s battery via software. iPhones have in their settings the ability to check the battery health percentage. To check you have to go to SETTINGS > BATTERY > BATTERY STATUS. If the number indicated is below 85%, the battery must be replaced as it is no longer able to offer optimal performance for use. Instead, if you have Android you can use applications such as: AccuBattery to check the health of your battery, even here if we go below 85% replacement is recommended to improve performance, both in terms of duration and speed of the phone. We emphasize that a new battery certainly brings an increase in the duration of use of the phone, but also an increase in terms of the general speed of your entire device.

THE PHONE DOESN’T HAVE A SWELLY BATTERY, THE SOFTWARE TELLS ME THAT THE BATTERY IS GOOD BUT I ALWAYS FIND THE PHONE EMPTY. In this case we can recommend several solutions to try one after the other. First thing to do: if your phone’s memory is full, download photos and videos to external media to empty the memory as much as possible. If this is still not enough, the second thing to do is to delete all the applications that we do not use and remember to close those in the background when we do not use them. Third thing to do, if that weren’t enough, let’s return the device to the factory state. After making a total backup of our data, reset it and restore it to factory settings. If these 3 solutions still failed we can have the battery replaced which probably has defects that are not detectable with the apps or software. If this were still not enough, the problem probably lies in the phone’s hardware, if the smartphone is still under warranty you can use it for repair, otherwise if the phone is out of warranty you can bring it to us for an accurate diagnosis.

We remind you that in our shop we are available for battery replacement, installation of software/apps for monitoring it and to help you with any doubts that you won’t sleep at night (phone battery, technology…) ha ha ha

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